Q: Why the name change?
A: Although we will always remember our roots, we have chosen to align ourselves with Powerhouse Gym, a respected name in fitness and a brand that will allow us to operate more independently and more efficiently. Most importantly this change will give us the resources to invest more deeply in the member experience and club amenities.

Q: Are there any improvements planned?
A: Yes, in fact we have already begun some of the planned improvements. You may have noticed we have painted many of the areas in the gym with more painting to come. We have added equipment to the main area. We also will be offering tanning services by the end of the year.

Q: How does this affect my membership?
A: This will not affect your membership in any way. We will retain the same billing provider, you don't have to change a thing.

Q: Is the ownership or management changing?
A: No, there is no change whatsoever to the ownership and management of the gym. You will see all the same old familiar faces in the atmosphere you’ve come to know and love.

Q: Am I still able to use other Gold’s Gyms?
A: Unfortunately, at this time your membership won’t apply to other Gold’s Gyms nationwide. However, as a Powerhouse Gym member, you are eligible for travel privileges at other Powerhouse Gyms throughout the world.
Q: Will my monthly rate increase?
A: No, you stayed loyal to us we will stay loyal to you.

Q. Do I need a new key tag or does my old one still work?
A. Yes. Please swing by the front desk the next time you visit us so we can swap out your Gold’s Gym keytag with a Powerhouse Gym of Stuart version.

Q. What is my new membership level called?
A. There is no change to any of our four membership levels.

Q. Does my membership include all of the same amenities as before?
A. Yes, of course.

Q. What about group classes and instructors? Are those staying the same?
A. Like our management staff, you’ll be seeing the same instructors in the same classes you usually do. One of our goals with this shift is to bring more diverse classes to our members in the future.